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Change Mfr Activity

Now assume Amirax change or extend the object of your business. You must submit a change request MAH (code Activity).

1. Buy Service

-Press button Buy Service.

-If you are a new customer please register otherwise enter your login details.

-Remit the amount to one of our payment methods.

-Go to step 2.

2. Documents for the change

1. Photocopy of identity card or passport.
2. Statement of change in individual work (Form M2) or in the case of companies and EPE AU statement change work non-natural person (Form M3).
3. Fill a warranty and then go to Police Department for the signature.

Send the above documents to

Handling Department
Platonos 10,
Neo Psichiko,
Zipcode 15451
Tel: 211 1984580

3. Receipt Certificate

When the certificate is issued to contact you for delivery.

The certificate Change Mfr Activity takes up to twenty (20) working days to be issued.


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