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IKE Company Formation

Now Amirax allows you to found your own IKE (Private Capital Company) company with an initial capital of only 1 €.

1. Buy Service

-Press button Buy Service.

-If you are a new customer please register otherwise enter your login details.

-Remit the amount to one of our payment methods.

-Go to step 2.

2. Documents for Entry

For founders Individuals

1. Photocopy of identity card.
2. Residence permit for independent economic activity, if they are nationals of countries outside the EU, to participate as members in Co. and LLC company or appointed as trustee in SWF, and as legal representatives in SA.
3. Completed forms "Declaration Performance AFM / change individual elements" (M1) and "Taxpayer Relations Declaration" (M7), where appropriate, to grant VAT founders, if they do not.

For founders Legal Entities (domestic)

1. Exact copy of the Consolidated Statutes company.
2. For partnerships and Ltd
- special representative if the representative for the establishment of the company is a person other than the legal representative of the company is to be established by deed.
- authorization bearing the signature if the establishment of the company is a private document, provided by the legal representative of the company, although it is possible that in the statute or in consequence of a decision at the meeting.
3. For Ltd. decision at the meeting on the participation in the company under establishment.
4. For SA presented the Gazette showing the legal representation of the company and the judgment of the Board of Directors for the involvement of SA in the company under establishment.

For founders Legal Entities (foreign)

1. Statutes stamped Hague (apostilIe) officially translated or if the country is not a party to the said Convention, endorsed by consular authority.
2. Certificate from the competent authority of the country of domicile of a legal person for the company's existence.
3. A certified copy of the power of attorney appointing a legal representative or agent in Greece.
4. Completed by the debtor, the forms "statement start / change work non natural person" (M3), and "Declaration of Taxpayer Relations" (M7) to obtain VAT.

Other Documents

1. Fill a warranty and then go to a Police Department or the authenticity of the signature.
2. Proof of bank deposit if prior bank deposit of the amounts due to the incorporation and registration thereof in GCR
3. Affidavit N.1599 / 1986 for the seat being established company.

Send the above documents to

Handling Department
Platonos 10,
Neo Psichiko,
Zipcode 15451
Tel: 211 1984580

3. Receipt Certificate

When the certificate is issued to contact you for delivery.

The certificate for IKE company formation takes up to twenty (20) working days to be issued.

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