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Official Translations

Amirax can undertake the Official Translation of any document in association with the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Step 1. Buy Service

-Press button Buy Service.

-Go to Step 2

Step 2. Complete Documents

Gather all the documents needed:

1. Application for Official Translation  print and fill out the form .
2. Authorization delegating power to Amirax to act on your behalf.  It needs to be signed at a Greek Police Station or at a Local Citizens Bureau (ΚΕΠ) .
3. Original Document* or a certified copy of the document.

*The documents must have the appropriate stamps seals and certifications or the Hague Stamp if it is required.

If you need help with the translation of the documents please do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 3. Send Documents

Send the above documents to:

Handling Department
Platonos 10,
Neo Psichiko,
Zipcode 15451
Tel: 211 1984580

Step 4. Receive Documents

When your document have been officially translated we will contact you for delivery.



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